Weight Management

photodune-1303532-weight-loss-xsThis is a Physician supervised, medicated program. Patients are followed on a monthly basis until their goal weight and are encouraged to be involved with our maintenance program. We screen patients for diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic disorders. We believe in wellness and prevention and our goal is to help each patient obtain ultimate wellness.)

  1. Blood Work (CBC, Chem25) and helping you understand what the data means
  2. Prescription Medication
  3. What to expect when taking my medication
  4. Supplementation (BioLean, Proxtreme, Accelerator, Lipo Trim, Satiete, Wingry)
  5. Recipes for Proxtreme, a plant based protein shake
  6. Instructions for Biolean
  7. When Best to take Lipo Trim
  8. Keeping Track of your weight loss journey using our patient dashboard


photodune-3132682-healthy-eating-fruits-vegetables-juice-and-stethoscope-xsWe provide nutrition training and resources. The most important aspect of being healthy is watching what you eat and drink. We believe that our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.

  • What to EAT!
    1. Recipes
    2. When to eat!
  • Nutrition Blood Panel
    1. Blood work to test Macro and Micronutrient
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    1. Tips for Healthier choices
    2. Options for reducing calories from your beverage
  • Supplementation (Omega III, CoQ10, Phytovite, flexibility, Vitamin D3)
  • Blog

Women’s Health

Young african american woman holding  an apple

  1. Health, dieting, and exercise
  2. What to shop for
  3. Testerone and estrogen blood test
  4. All things OB/GYN
  5. Effects of stress and how to manage stress
  6. Supplements (DHEA, Flexibility, CoQ10, LovPil, Omega III,) and how they affect women

photodune-3386134-a-healthy-start-to-the-day-xsMen’s Health

  1. Testerone Testing
  2. What to expect
  3. Cost and effectiveness
  4. Sport Nutrition
  5. How to Gain Muscle
  6. Having too much protein in your diet
  7. Supplementation (ProXtreme, Energy packs, Heart Health packs etc)