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Supplements: Should You Take Them?


Supplements have become a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Visit any grocery store and you’ll find scores of supplements for virtually every deficiency. With the increase of these supplements, one would have a hard time figuring out which to take and if you should take them in the first place. [...]

Supplements: Should You Take Them?2020-03-11T12:14:49-05:00

Top 3 Myths About Weight Loss You Should Know


Weight loss is one of the most talked about subject of our time. Everyone, from 'experts' to your neighbor has an opinion or advice that they seem to offer generously. All this information can be confusing and even downright bad for your very health that you're trying to improve. In this article, we'll highlight 3 [...]

Top 3 Myths About Weight Loss You Should Know2014-05-20T00:42:50-05:00

Best and Worst Foods for the Abs


It's best to avoid some food—like fatty meats—to avoid upset tummies. But, fortunately, nature also provides foods that can ease our digestion. Here's a guide to what's good and what's bad when it comes to keeping your system running smoothly. For more information, please visit,,20551987_2,00.html

Best and Worst Foods for the Abs2013-03-01T04:03:25-05:00

Night Eating Syndrome


The Link Between Night Eating Syndrome and Obesity It’s the middle of the night. Everyone else in the house is asleep but you’re wide awake, with nothing to do but watch bad late-night TV. The refrigerator lurks, only a few feet away, filled with leftovers, junk food, and sugary sodas. What else is there to [...]

Night Eating Syndrome2013-07-10T13:06:16-05:00