Weight loss is one of the most talked about subject of our time. Everyone, from ‘experts’ to your neighbor has an opinion or advice that they seem to offer generously. All this information can be confusing and even downright bad for your very health that you’re trying to improve. In this article, we’ll highlight 3 myths and what you can do instead.

Myth #3: I don’t need to exercise if I’m on a diet

Choosing either of the two – diet or exercise – is never a good idea. Remember that just like gaining weight is a gradual process, losing it also will take some time. There are no miracle solutions or dream diets that will make you lose calories instantly – you need a proper balance of the right foods as well as the right movement in your body. Exercise is really important, because working out your muscles on a regular basis doesn’t only burn calories but it also makes you feel active and pumped up.

Myth #2: No snacks are allowed when trying to lose weight

Well, actually, having healthy snacks in between main meals will work in your favor! Snacks don’t always have to be a bag of fries or a can of cola – munching away a bowl of healthy nuts or having a low fat smoothie at mid day will make you feel rejuvenated and full. It will also put an end to those cravings for a chocolate bar. The key to effective weight loss is to replace high calorie snacks with natural whole food snacks like fruits. You’ll stay full and get the much needed vitamins in the process.

Myth #1: Supplements don’t work

A lot of people are skeptical about going for supplements, because of the misconceptions and the stories flying around. The right supplements can actually help you a lot in your road to weight loss and a healthy body, because they improve blood circulation, heart function and metabolism.

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